4 Ramadan Marketing Ideas for 2024

The countdown has already begun for one of the most significant months of the year: the blessed month of Ramadan. From the perspective of brands and companies, one of the most crucial and bustling seasons is approaching. However, Ramadan retains its unique characteristics that make marketing during this month different from any other. What does it take to ensure the success of your marketing efforts during this holy month?

In this article, we’re sharing 4 marketing ideas for Ramadan marketing related to content marketing industry, along with a set of important statistics to build a marketing plan for Ramadan 2024.

Ramadan Marketing and Consumer Behavior

The first step in building a Ramadan marketing plan is understanding the shifts occurring in consumer behavior and their trends.

The fasting schedule often affects working hours and peak times, giving users more time for browsing, engagement, and interaction.

Research conducted by TGM Research on consumer behavior in the United Arab Emirates found that social media platform usage during Ramadan increases by 68%, while smartphone usage rises by 76%.

This change represents a golden opportunity for brands and companies to build a fresh and innovative marketing plan for Ramadan, expanding their audience base and encouraging interaction.

Last Ramadan (2023), Google search engine witnessed its highest peak ever for search operations in the Middle East and North Africa region, with users conducting 7.2 billion searches during the holy month, marking a 21% increase compared to Ramadan 2022.

Google searches during Ramadan encompassed keywords related to food recipes, perfumes, clothing, discounts, and Ramadan offers across the UAE, KSA, and Egypt.

It’s worth noting that 60% of Google searches conducted by users during Ramadan were made via smartphones.

As consumers spend more time on their smartphones, app downloads significantly increase, with food app downloads rising by 36%, and social media and shopping app downloads increasing by 12% and 8% respectively.

As content consumption habits evolve, so do spending habits. During Ramadan, consumers in the UAE, USA, and KSA spend more on shopping for Eid preparations and gifts, according to GoDaddy.

This year, retail sales during Ramadan are expected to reach $66 billion USD, with 56% of individuals celebrating Ramadan in KSA, 64% in the UAE, and 74% in Egypt stating that they will spend more during the holy month.

All these statistics underscore the necessity for thorough preparation and meticulous planning of marketing strategy for Ramadan. It’s an ideal time to showcase your best products to consumers during one of the peak seasons when they utilize the internet for Ramadan and Eid al-Futr shopping.

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4 Ramadan Marketing Ideas

Many wonders about the best time to devise a Ramadan marketing plan for 2024. Some companies and projects start planning their Ramadan marketing months before the holy month, but it’s best not to start too early or delay too much in outlining your plan.

Here are 4 marketing ideas for Ramadan to help you enhance your digital content and increase audience engagement:

1. Crafting tailored content for each stage of Ramadan

The audience’s needs and interests don’t remain constant throughout Ramadan, as they go through four distinct stages:

  • Stage 1: The preparation period for Ramadan, two weeks before.
  • Stage 2: The first and second weeks of Ramadan, the excitement phase.
  • Stage 3: The third and fourth weeks of Ramadan, the preparation phase for Eid al-Futr.
  • Stage 4: Eid al-Futr.

If you want to connect with your audience through impactful content that resonates with their culture, it’s essential to consider these 4 stages when preparing your marketing plan for Ramadan.

Create marketing content linked to values of generosity, teamwork, family, and charity, as they help encourage audience engagement throughout the month.

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for Ramadan, you can convene with your team and conduct a brainstorming session to generate creative ideas, in addition to conducting a recent market analysis of competitors and consumers.

2. Organize or support a community initiative

Charitable activities are another important aspect of Ramadan, and you can support your audience’s values by encouraging them to contribute to charitable causes such as volunteering or donating. If you don’t have the necessary resources to organize the initiative on your own, you can collaborate with a non-profit charitable organization.

For instance, Pizza2Go restaurant chain collaborated with the Emirates Red Crescent to conduct a charitable campaign during Ramadan 2021. They launched a campaign promoting food waste reduction by encouraging the purchase of smaller-sized pizzas, along with donating 25% of the pizza price to support those in need.

3. Utilizing storytelling in marketing

The art of storytelling is increasingly popular, whether presented through video or written content, with 92% of consumers desiring brands to deliver their content in a narrative format.

It’s not necessary for storytelling to be limited to Ramadan-related topics. You can create stories about Eid al-Fitr, its atmosphere, and its values.

4. Integrating Ramadan values into the customer experience

While searching for marketing ideas for Ramadan 2024, you’re likely to come across suggestions for launching special offers and promoting them through social media or email.

While promotional offers are good on their own, you can make them more appealing by integrating your products or services into the customer experience and showcasing their role in enhancing Ramadan values specifically.

All advertisements that show the family gathered around a Ramadan table while highlighting a specific product on the table are an example of this type of Ramadan marketing content.

Regardless of the quality of products or services you offer, you can find numerous ways and ideas to incorporate them into your Ramadan marketing plan 2024.

The marketing journey during Ramadan doesn’t end with just launching your campaign; you need to start monitoring it and collecting data to evaluate the campaign’s success and make any adjustments or enhancements.

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