What is Smart Marketing, and what are its benefits and objectives?

In a fast-paced and ever-changing era, long-term goal planning may seem exceedingly challenging, yet it’s essential for every successful business or company. The solution to this challenge could lie in Smart Marketing strategy. But what role does Smart Marketing play in defining and achieving project objectives? We delve into this question in detail in this article, accompanied by examples of how Smart Marketing methods can be applied to goals and marketing strategies.

What is Smart Marketing and what is its role?

Smart Marketing refers to applying the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) framework to digital marketing methods, objectives, and overall marketing strategy.

A SMART objective is a goal that embodies the following five characteristics: it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

In contrast, Smart Marketing avoids vague and loose labels such as ‘maybe,’ ‘a little,’ and ‘some,’ to steer clear of any ambiguity or generalization in marketing activities.

Setting SMART goals helps facilitate the work of individuals, teams, and organizations alike, as they contribute to:

  1. Enhanced focus and clarity
  2. Reduced stress and boost motivation among team members
  3. Clarification of responsibilities within the company
  4. Enhanced communication among team members
  5. Aid in resource management
  6. Boost innovation
  7. Improvement of overall performance

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Examples of Smart Marketing Strategies

Here are examples of how to apply Smart Marketing methods to various marketing strategies:

1. Boosting Blog Visits:

Specific Goal: Boosting blog visits by increasing the weekly posting frequency from 5 to 8 times per week, which entails doubling the content team’s tasks from writing 5 articles to 8 per week.

Measure: Boost the number of visits by 8%.

Achievability: This goal was set based on a 5% increase in traffic resulting from boosting the weekly posting frequency from 3 to 5 times per week.

Business Relevance: Through boosting blog visits, it’s possible to achieve an boost in brand awareness, attract more potential customers, and consequently, boost sales.

Timeline: End of the month.

2. Boosting Newsletter Subscribers

Specific Goal: Boost the number of subscribers to the email newsletter by boosting the budget for Facebook advertisements.

Measure: Boost the number of subscribers by 50%.

Achievability: A 40% boost in email subscriptions has been achieved since implementing this strategy three months ago.

Business Relevance: Attracting more blog visits through the newsletter, enhancing brand awareness, and directing more potential customers to the sales team.

Timeline: 3 months.

3. Registering to Attend an Online Seminar

Specific Goal: Boost the number of subscriptions to a seminar via Facebook Messenger by promoting it through social media platforms, email, and blogs.

Measure: Boost subscriptions by 15%.

Achievability: A previous seminar witnessed a 10% increase in subscribers through promotion on social media, email, and blogs.

Business Relevance: Generating more potential customers through the seminar and boosting sales.

Timeline: By the first day of the online seminar.

4. Marketing through a Professional Landing Page

Specific Goal: Generating more potential customers by adopting a new design template for the landing page.

Measure: Boost potential customers by 30%.

Achievability: After conducting an A/B test comparing the traditional landing page design with the new one, the new design achieved a 27% better conversion rate.

Business Relevance: Attracting potential customers through personalized content and achieving sales.

Timeline: One year.

Implementing Smart Marketing and setting tangible goals for your marketing strategies is like adding more signposts on a long journey, helping you reach your destination quickly and confidently.

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